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Custom Orders

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Wild Violet Jelly
Wild Violets Picked in Bella Vista, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, Pectin

Custom flavors
Let me develop a special flavor for you, based on your preferences that is all you own. Do you have a special event coming up, such as a wedding or reunion? A flavor that your grandma used to make and you want it again? Jam or jelly, fruit or flower, the label will say that it was made just for you.

Your own fruits
Do you have fruit trees or bushes on your property and you always wished you could make jam from them? Let me help you! I can do all of the work or you can participate as much as you want. We'll talk about the price accordingly.

Custom labels
Put your own picture and name on the labels for your gifts. You can even have a different recipient's name on each label. For less than $10 a person, you can cover your gift list pretty quickly this way!

Generally, the retail price is $8/8-oz. jar (min. 12) or $5/4-oz. jar (min. 24) for most fruit jams, plus tax.
Native fruit jams and wildflower jellies will be $1 more per jar. Supply is extremely limited.

Free delivery in the Bentonville, Bella Vista, Rogers, Centerton, Pineville (MO) area

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