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Flower Jellies

These are not PB&J jellies!
These are indulgent jellies meant for a biscuit, scone or English muffin.
Try them chilled on a charcuterie board for a unique flavor.
The scent alone is tantalizing!

violet blossoms 4-27-22.jpg

Wild Violets

roses c 5-17-22.jpg


Native Wildflowers

I have wild harvested many of the edible wildflowers that are available in the area. The white clover was picked from a historic site in Bella Vista, the violets were picked along a quiet roadside and the Queen Anne's Lace was picked right outside of my home. These flavors are rare, seasonal and limited edition. They are also surprisingly delicious and still low in sugar.

2023 flavors included Redbud, White Clover, Wild Violet, Queen Anne's Lace.

Wild Violet Jelly 4-18-23 a.jpg

White Clover Jelly

Cultivated Flowers

2023 flavors included Lavender and Lemon Balm. Some flowers are seasonal, however some use dried flowers and can be made at any time. If you have the right kind of flowers in your garden, I may be able to make jelly out of them for you.

Lavender Jelly a 7-14-22.jpg

Lavender Jelly

Red Rose Petal Jelly 5-19-22.jpg

Red Rose Petal Jelly

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