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General Information


Most of my fruit is locally sourced from farmers right here in Northwest Arkansas, chosen at the peak of the growing season. I usually process it so that it's in a form ready for the jam pot and then freeze it in 2-cup amounts. All of the native fruits and wildflowers were grown in the Bella Vista area and many were wild harvested on my street or property.


My jams and jellies are made with low amounts of cane sugar, generally about one-half or one-third of the amount called for in traditional recipes. I use cane sugar to preserve and enhance the brightness of the flavor. If you are looking for something else, I would be happy to make it for you as a custom order. I have a professional beekeeper in the family, so honey is always an option. Unfortunately, I am not allowed by law to sell jams containing an artificial sweetener such as Splenda, but anything natural is just fine.

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The pectin I use (the stuff that makes the jam jell), is all natural and made from citrus peels. It's called Pomona's Universal Pectin and is considered the "Cadillac" of pectins. It's incredibly versatile, which allows me to develop my own recipes. It is also a low-sugar pectin and the main reason why I use it.

Unfortunately, Arkansas state food laws prohibit selling jams that contain any alcohol in them. Oops, there goes half of my tastiest flavors. Oh well. I have learned to substitute the appropriate flavorings instead.

Where Can These Jams be Sold?

Thanks to the 2021 Arkansas Food Freedom Act, I can sell my jams in a lot of places, including:

  • Retail stores, gift shops, grocery stores

  • By phone, online, shipping

  • Special events, farmer's market, fruit stands

  • Interstate, as long as I follow the laws in both states. Missouri is out unless I sell directly to the consumer, but Oklahoma is a great big OK!

State laws also do not allow me to sell to restaurants who plan to serve my jams to customers. However, I am allowed to sell in a restaurant gift shop, if they have one. They just can't serve it themselves.

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Wholesale or Retail?

I prefer to sell wholesale, with a minimum order of 12 jars. Prices will vary depending on the jar size and contents, as rare native fruit jams and wild-harvested flower jellies will be more. Please contact me for specific pricing. Custom labels are available, including "house brand" labels.

I am also set up for retail purchases, with a minimum order of 12 jars. If I am creating a special flavor for you, I can print custom labels, too.
Credit, debit, check or cash. Check or cash are preferred to avoid the service fee.

Free delivery in the Bentonville, Rogers, Bella Vista, Jane and Pineville area of Northwest Arkansas and SW McDonald County in Missouri.

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