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Native Fruit Jams

Whenever I can get them, I make jams from the native fruits we have right here in Northwest Arkansas. Some of the fruits have been wild harvested and some have been gifted to me. I enjoy making these native fruit jams for people to experience, whether it's reliving a childhood food memory for them or a first time taste adventure.


The traditional recipes for all of these jams call for large amounts of sugar, usually 4-7 cups of sugar to every 4 cups of fruit. I never use more than two cups of sugar, as we don't require lots of sugar for a food preservative the way early farmers did.

processing pawpaws setup 8-29-22.jpg
maypops 10-13-21 a.jpg


Wild blackberries and QA Lace a 6-27-22.jpg


Jar labels- Pawpaw Jam 2022.jpg

Wild Harvested Blackberries
and Queen Anne's Lace

If you know of any native fruit trees or sources, please contact me. Please!

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